Why the service?

We wanted to give a little something back to the indie game community!

One of the biggest pains in our behinds is business logistics. We’ve often drowned our sorrows with friends in indie companies over many of the same problems. For instance, if we want to run a promotion by rewarding our mailing list subscribers with codes, we have to figure out a way to get all of them a code. Easier said than done. Zerglink’s “one unique subscriber, one unique code” is one of the solutions we came up with. And since we’ve got something that works, why not share it with other devs? It makes everyone’s life easier, and frees up everyone’s time for making great games!

Why the name?

We don’t just make games at Cipher Prime, we play them. A lot.

And our fave of faves is Starcraft 2, by Blizzard Entertainment. Starcraft permeates our company culture, because as game developers there’s so much to learn from it, and as players there’s so much to love about it. One of the three playable races in the game is the Zerg – a swarming, squishy, and organic species. Zerg play is often about winning with overwhelming numbers. When we were trying to solve the “one subscriber, one code” issue, thinking about the thousands and thousands of people we were trying to reach immediately reminded us of the innumerable Zerg. When we finally figured out how to get the unique links out to everyone, we decided we had to name the service “Zerglink”, in an homage to our most-played game.